Can I Deduct My Summer-Time Moving Expenses?

The TurboTax Blog

I know firsthand that moving stinks.  During the mid-1990s, I moved five times in four years.

It slowed down for a while, but we still managed to move our family three times in two years between 2010 and 2012.

Whether you move 600 miles or 600 feet, the packing, lifting, carrying, unpacking, truck renting, setting up, cancelling, and moving utilities adds up to be as much fun as a week of dental extractions.

Not only that, moving isn’t cheap either.  Between gasoline, packing materials, moving assistance, and insurance, the costs can really add up.

Often, you have to come up with closing costs or security deposits at the same time as the move.

All of this might get you thinking, “Are any of my summer-time moving expenses tax deductible?”

Quite Possibly.

Who Can Deduct Moving Expenses?

To deduct your moving expenses, your move must be related to starting a…

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